Play Fair 2017

Playfair 2017

Playfair 2017

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Nov 4- 5 2017

The New York Doll Collection made its debut to consumers at Play-Fair NY located at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC.  Kids and adults alike were excited to meet the dolls and get a chance to play with them. Here is a recap of the highlights......

Day 1 -Saturday: 





Beth, our super star activist, was joined by volunteers of the Endangered Species Coalition, and together they educated kids about the dangers our animals are facing. kids were given activity sheets to color that represented missing animals that have become distinct. 


Harper - She has a passion for art and design, but works hard on her science skills to make her dad proud. Kim Magloire, of SciTech Kids, joined forces with Harper, and together they took the kids on an exciting adventure with test tubes. Experiments were conducted and the results were astounding! 



Day 1 ended with an exciting raffle to win a free CITY GIRL DOLL. Hundreds were standing around hoping to win as the numbers were called. Congratulations to our lucky winners. 

 DAY 2 - Sunday 


MEET LAYLA - Layla is an anti bullying activist. she know how it feels to be bullied and rallies to make change! Kids filled out an anti bully pledge and were then awarded with a free anti bully button and stickers. 




MEET MADISON - Madison hails from Brooklyn, New York, and is an aspiring Movie Maker who makes videos in her spare time.  Kids got a chance to star in a movie directed by Madison. video to be released.




 MEET JAZZ - She is an Australian immigrant who now lives in Staten Island. She loves farming and gardening.  Kids were guided by jazz to plant their very own garden in a bag and then got to take it home. 

Playfair finished with another raffle for a free doll. Hundreds gathered around hoping to walk home with a Doll......

Sadly, the playfair had come to an end...but the CITY GIRLS adventure continues. Follow their story on instagram and Facebook as they enjoy daily life in New York City. 



I was there it was lots of fun

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