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HI, I’m Jasmin Rose, but my friends and family call me Jazz. Last year I moved with my mum and dad to Staten Island. My dad's job was transferred to New York, so we had to leave Sydney behind. Sometimes I am a bit homesick. I love gardening and I miss our house back in Australia where I had my own backyard garden.

Since I miss it so much, my mum said I could plant a small garden on our 4th floor balcony. I planted flowers and herbs. Next year, I’ll try planting some vegetables too.

The weather in America is the exact opposite of Australia. During the holidays back home, we wore swimsuits and went to the beach. In New York, we are all bundled up in winter clothing. School is another challenge. Spelling is hard. American English and Australian English are different. My hair is worn with “fringe” but my American teachers and friends call it “bangs.” Some of the kids in school tease me because of my accent, but I did make one special friend. Jenny loves my accent, and we ride our scooters together to the park after school.

My favorite places to visit are the farmers’ markets and the New York Botanical Gardens. When I grow up, my dream is to run my own farm.

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