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Hi, I'm Harper. I live in Riverdale with my Dad, Grandma Elaine, and younger sister Violet. My mom passed away when Violet and I were really young, so Grandma Elaine came to live with us.

I love Art. I am a painter and love to sew. Grandma Elaine taught me how to sew dresses and accessories. I've gotten to be so good at it that I now design my own dresses, shirts, and accessories!

Dad is a Physics professor at the New York University and he spends a lot of time in the lab. Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand each other because he loves numbers and data, and I love art. Luckily Grandma Elaine totally gets me. We both share a passion for art. She says beauty is the heart of the world. I couldn’t agree more

My two favorite things in the world are my art studio and the sewing machine Grandma Elaine gave me. Dad says if I get high grades in Math and Science he’ll let me take a sewing class after school. I’m going to try really hard to learn fractions and how to use science lab tools correctly, even though my math and science teachers are kind of grumpy.

My favorite place in New York is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Walking up its elegant white steps and going under its castle-like archways feels like visiting another world. The MET is home to some of the world’s best artwork too, so it’s impossible to visit and not feel inspired to create something new.

My biggest dream is to have my own fashion line for girls and women who want to look artistic, unique, and express their creative sides through what they wear.

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